Monday, February 11, 2013

Where does the wedding dress come from?
I seem to be at a time in life where weddings are happening
But I love it! What better way to spend a weekend than to share in the joy of another couple making a big step in life
{And lets be honest…it’s pretty fun to have an excuse to put on some heels, do your hair in maybe a different style than your “everyday hair-do”
 And lets not forget…an excuse to buy a cute new dress}
I wanted to feature my wedding dress card set this week  (with it being the week of loooooove and all) and also wanted to share a special picture
This is my grandma and grandpa…my dad’s parents. My grandpa passed away before I was born and my grandma passed away when I was 2. 

Isn’t this picture just beautiful….from her dress, his tux, and their genuine happy smiles…
And here that is where the wedding dress image comes from

I hope you all have a wonderful and loving week!

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