Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Filoli Gardens
I hope you all are enjoying your week 
and had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.
I am so thankful for those who have fought for our country and our freedom.
The weekend was spent with some of my best friends...catching up and having a girls weekend.
We visited Filoli Gardens in Woodside, CA which was absolutely beautiful.
Go! {if you are in the area and have the chance!}
The history behind it was very interesting,
the grounds were breathtaking
and the gardens just kept going and going...
Not to mention after you finish walking through the gardens you end up in the 
gift shop which is amazing as well! 
Filled with all kind of linens, cookbooks, garden supplies, candles, the list goes on and on!
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Lately, the idea of picnicking is just so fun and appealing to me.
Putting together a light snack plate,
fun drinks,
relaxing in the sun...
Maybe it's the warm weather...
 or the fact that it's just about June which means it's almost Summer!
{where does the time go?!?}
but what better time of year to plan your perfect picnic then right now?!
Simple or elaborate...
Here are some picnic photos I found oh so beautiful.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My parents took a road trip down to see us last weekend!
{And to pick up all of my booth display for the Seattle Gift Show this August!}
It's always a treat to have them here and spend quality time together.
My mom took me to the nursery and we stocked up on some beautiful flowers.
I think I have written this before...
{and I am not proud of it!}
but I seem to be notorious for letting my flower pots die...
typically because we will be gone for a weekend or I'll forget how hot it is until half way through the day when the damage is already done. 
But these flowers will be different because my mom helped me plant them.
She knows so much about flowers and gardening...
the do's the don'ts and everything in between.
It's funny how even something as simple as new flowers, actually makes it a little more exciting to wake up in the morning.  
To see all the beautiful flowers and to drink coffee or tea outside instead of in. 
And actually enjoy your setting.
 Have a great week!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Is this God's will for me?
This seems to be the familiar question that has been coming up over and over again.
Is what I am doing with my life what I am suppose to be doing?
Where am I suppose to live?
Just pleeease give me clarity! And guidance! And help me to know, know, know...
I sometimes find that my prayers are more like pleads.
{not sure if that's a good thing or bad!}
I think I can get wrapped up in trying to hear and listen and ask what we should be doing
 that maybe I am missing something right in front of me.
A sweet friend bought me the book Restless by Jennie Allen for my birthday.
To be honest, I really had no idea what to expect or whether or not I would get anything out of it.
But with each page, I fervently read, excited to learn more about God and myself and hopefully find some clarity. She talks about fully giving it all to God...
not letting your own wants, desires and what you think you should do get in the way of God's will for you.
And being able to 100%, without a doubt, differentiate the two.
I think that's the hardest part for me.
So for now...I will be a student and will continue to learn, pray, and open my eyes to what is possibly right in front of me.
Happy Friday everyone! 
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Berry Treats!
The weather has been HOT this week for here anyway.
I can't complain too much... though it's too hot to run 
and I am a lot more cautious about rattle snakes {eeek!!}
I've had a big bag of frozen mixed berries that Ive been using for smoothies almost everyday.
I decided to branch out a bit a make other fun berry treats.
Last night I made Quick Berry Frozen Yogurt from the Cooking Light magazine. 
All you will need is...
-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
-Frozen berries
- splash of milk 
-mint {optional for garnish}
Blend in a food processor
scoop and enjoy right away!
Berry Pancakes
I wish I had a fancy pancake recipe to share today.
But for this one I went for simplicity and convenience....I used Bisquick Mix
Threw in some frozen berries.
topped it with fresh berries
and called it a day!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
I headed up to Washington for a weekend filled with
shrimping, family, and of course celebrating my mom!
 The weather turned out to be beautiful which is always such a treat.
Always so much to be thankful for...especially her!
I only hope that when I become a mother I can be as loving, positive, and inspirational 
as she has been for my sisters and I.
Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cherry and Apricot season!
Oddly enough, I get very excited when I start to see the cherry stands out and about.
Lucky for us, when the time comes, there is a stand that gets set up about 1/2 mile from us!
So over the weekend I picked up our first two bags... 
one of cherries and one of apricots.
 The cherries were gone before I could make a cherry pie, cobbler, muffins or anything!
I wanted to make something with the apricots last night but decided on 
simple grilled apricots with vanilla ice cream.
Doesn't require many ingredients and less labor intensive.
I have to admit...they were still a little tart but it was a refreshing dessert nonetheless.
I drizzled a little bit of Hey Boo Carmel Syrup on top which made it even better...and sweeter!
If you can get your hands on this it!
It is sooo delicious
With a hint of toasted coconut it tastes just like a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie
I've dipped pretzels in it, put it over ice-cream, and I know you could do a lot more with it.
Don't forget about your mom this week! 
Offer ends Friday!
Have a great week!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Oakland Supply Co.
I was so happy to have Brian home Friday night after being gone in Nashville for a week for work!
Though I wish I could have gone with him because Nashville seems totally awesome!..someday.
Saturday we had the chance to go to the grand opening of Oakland Supply Co.
Such a unique, awe inspiring store in the Jack London District.
Filled with all sorts of goods, all made in America.
From leather goods and BBQ sauce, to unique jewelry, cards, candles and more!
It is a place worth stopping for. 
It was fun to see my cards and aprons displayed as well!
Bloom That was also there, giving out bouquets of beautiful flowers if you made a purchase.
I absolutely LOVE their concept.
 A unique and beautiful bouquet delivered on bike in 90 minutes or less. 
If I lived in San Francisco I would be 
all. over. that.
So fun!
I hope you all have a fun Cinco de Mayo!