Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday Celebration
Saturday we celebrated Brian's birthday!
I am so lucky and blessed to have this one in my life.
Can't wait to see what this next year of life brings him:)
Well after a relaxing day and a surprise visit from his sister and her boyfriend,
we made a delicious fancy dinner...
(what better excuse to make a fancy dinner than a birthday)
Starting out with Classic Old Fashioned cocktails from the Small Gatherings Cookbook
Then on to Steak au Poivre with Cognac Pan Sauce from Bread and Wine 
(the sauce was AMAZING...I am anxious to try it out with chicken)
We had it with mashed potatoes and roasted brocollini
and finished it off with Key lime pie using this recipe
I was pleasantly surprised with how everything turned out!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm not a huge fan of clutter
but if something has to be...
I would like it to be cluttered with flowers.
When I think about Summers growing up
the first thing that comes to mind is my sisters and I playing in the yard 
while my mom and dad would be working in the yard...
mowing the lawn, watering flowers, planting new flowers
I remember being "bored" and coming outside to say, "Mom,  I'm bored..."
I would often end up helping plant new flowers and I came to love it!
 I do think it's possible to work with the space you have...
I love these ideas for smaller spaces...
even if you are just using your porch as your garden...
I have always loved the idea of a secret garden...
Did you all ever watch the movie Bed of Roses?
Christian Slater takes the gal up to the roof top of his apartment and it's this extravagant secret garden absolutely covered in flowers.
I love this garden below for the bench that awaits in the middle of the garden
even though it's not a hidden garden it still has that pretty!
I have been reading through the Guide to Natural Housekeeping 
by Christina Strutt of Cabbage and Roses.
She talks a lot about having a self-sustaining garden--- the importance of it and all of the "how-to's"
I would love to someday have a vegetable garden all year round...not just in the spring or summer
I am such a novice when it comes to the do's and don't's of veggie gardens.
So I am excited to learn more and some day have a flourishing garden with flowers and vegetables...
Some inspiration for the eyes
 I really wouldn't mind the house in the background either :) 
 Love the Adirondack chairs in the middle...
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taking the Time to Volunteer
Good Morning!
I have been thinking a lot about volunteering lately...
It's easy to become stagnant in our everyday routines
To be consumed with our own wants and desires and let that be the focus.
I think about the times when I have volunteered...
thats actually where Brian and I first met
in Ensenada, Mexico building a church with others from our college during spring break.
{did I mention we didn't get to shower for a whole week}
 I think about how fulfilled I felt after that week...
with so many emotions from exhaustion to pure joy.
Then volunteering at Camp Korey...
You walked away wanting to talk about your experience for weeks.
those experiences are life changing
and because of that,
I don't know why I don't do it more often.
I love to be able to donate through Lindsay P Designs
but there is something so much more fulfilling to give yourself 
and your time to helping others and volunteering.
Take the time to look for volunteer opportunities--
whether it's for an hour or for a week.
I don't think we are ever to busy to help others.

The San Francisco Gift Show is quickly approaching 
and it is almost always on my mind!
If you are a buyer--be sure to stop by my booth.
Invites have been sent out!
Don't forget to "like" Lindsay P Designs on Facebook
and follow me @lindsaypdesigns on Instagram!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Monday!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend
for some your weekend my be continuing through today!
Happy MLK Day!
Did you all watch the NFC and AFC Championship games yesterday?!
What a day of football!
Our house was divided...
Brian for the 49ers of course and me for the Seahawks
{Taken before the game when we were both all smiles}
I decided to make a cake for the game.
Pistachio-Cardamom Cake with Lime Syrup 
out of the Small Gatherings cook book.
It was so tasty!
Of course I was hoping it would look like this...
But it was devoured so quickly I never got a chance to even get it out of the pan!
I highly recommend this recipe for something different and refreshing!
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Friday and 3 Day Weekend {for some}!
I was so thrilled to receive another bundle of vintage French fabric the other day!
Worn and tattered...
 I can't wait to turn them into pieces of beautiful aprons...
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...Gooo Seahawks!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Simple Joys
I was going through all of my photos recently
 And I noticed a common photo that kept coming up...
A picture looking out over our deck.
Mostly of sunsets or sunrises...
Each one so different, beautiful, simple and angelic.
Each time I see a new one, I always seem to have the same reaction...
"Whoa!! That's crazy that God makes something that beautiful right in front of us"
{Don't ask why I would be surprised every time!}
They never seem to get old!
The other day I was filling up Brandi's water dish on the counter.
Then this caught my eye and I was sidetracked and went to find my camera...
of course I forgot about the water dish and I came back to find pools of water all over the counter and on the floor...whoops!
I'd say it was worth it...
I think we all go through phases where we compare ourselves to others
With the world of social media we get to see what others are doing all the time...
which is great in some aspects! But it also amplifies the comparing
Is my house pretty enough?
Is my business successful enough?
How's my style and clothes?
How do I stack up to others?
The other day while taking Brandi for a walk...
I looked around...
The road I walk down 2-3-4 times a day..
It's peaceful and quiet. 
I realized that over the last 3 years it has been a kind of oasis for me. 
It's been my time to think, to pray, to cry, to de-stress, 
to take a break, talk on the phone, or plan out my day.
I realized that what is important to me...are the simple things
This little road, the sunsets, Brian, my family, friends, and Brandi
These are the things that make me happy and content....
Enjoy the simple things this week... and always!

Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Monday!
First things first...
the two new cards for your valentine are finally on the website!
I know I said they would be up last wednesday...
Somehow it did not happen until Friday!
I am thrilled to have Lindsay P Designs aprons on the Given Goods Website!

Browse their website to view all sorts of 
beautiful and unique items for both men and women!
We had a lovely weekend with friends...
watching football (Go Seahawks!) and eating and drinking yummy things...
like monkey bread and mimosas!
The weather was great and I feel fortunate to have not had the 
crazy weather it seems like the rest of the country is having!
It is starting to become that "in between time of year"
where you don't know if you should dress for winter or spring...
coat or no coat..
sunglasses or no..
Here are two clothing solutions to this problem:
I love creating these boards! So fun!
I hope you all enjoy your week!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For your Valentine
Today, two new card styles will be on the website this afternoon!
Perfect for your sweetie or special someone.
Or even perfect for you to tell your 
mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle 
you love them!
I hope you all have a great day!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Monday! 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
 I woke up this morning to this beautiful sunset and decided it's going to be a good week!
 It is back to reality for us as we return from all our family trips... 
we are now staying put for a while! 
Great to be with family and friends! 
And of course so fun meeting my newest puppy niece...
While in Washington, we took a trip up to downtown Snohomish to visit HC Home.
If you have the chance to visit Snohomish, it is filled with wonderful shops
and this one in particular is such a lovely, lovely store! 
It was so fun to see Lindsay P Designs aprons and cards on display. 
 Are you looking for a good book to read? 
One of my sweet friends sent the book Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist to me for Christmas...
 I finished it in just a couple days 
not only is it filled with inspiration, epiphanies, and wonderful words at the end of each essay there is a wide variety of delicious recipes! 
I've already tried a couple and they are fantastic! 
 A beautiful blog to follow...
My mom bought the Post Road Vintage magazine for my sisters and I.
Of course I am now hooked on the blog 
I highly recommend it if you are looking to get inspired and see beautiful, stunning photos.
 I hope 2014 is treating you all well so far! 
Make this week a good one!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve!
We stayed in...
Made a couple appetizers...
and may or may not have gone to bed before midnight...
I've always enjoyed the new year!
It's refreshing to be able to press the "re-start" button...
To have a clean slate and begin again!
To set goals for the new year...
{of course my current goal is to find a beautiful planner to write all of these other goals in!}
The new year to me is an excuse to get re-organized!
2013 had no complaints from me but I'm excited to see what 2014 will bring.
For Christmas I bought my mom and sisters each this book...
I didn't think one of them would arrive on time so I quickly re-ordered one more with rush shipping for safe measure.
Of course they all arrived with plenty of time to spare 
so I ended up with an extra on hand...
What a perfect New Years book to read!
Covered page to page with beautiful images and tips for so many things
from organizing your linen closet and recipes for home cleaners,
to homemade tea recipes and gardening advice...
Did you realize it's the 1st of January???
Of course you did!
Not only is it the first day of the year
but today through March, 
The Fisher House Foundation will be receiving 
10% of all profits from Lindsay P Designs! 
Enjoy the video to find out more about this great organization and 
Happy New Years!!