Friday, February 28, 2014

Redefining Your Role
Meeting others for the first time and sharing my work,
a lot of questions always arise.
Oh, so you're an artist? 
You're a photographer?
When I have heard these questions, I almost feel like laughing and saying, "hah yeah right!"
When I think of artists I think of paint pallets and big canvases
spending hours, days, months, perfecting one piece.
someone who has studied art and is complex and philosophical.
And photographers are people who have most likely gone to school for photography and could photograph great pictures in all types of lighting and all different conditions.
 I think the biggest issue of accepting a new role is fear
fear of taking on a new challenge
and if you are going to call yourself something
you better have proof to back it up.
Once you call yourself something the critics come out and opinions begin to form
whether you say you're an artist, photographer, mother, teacher, wife...the list goes on.
But I don't think that should stop anyone from switching roles or taking on a new role
 because that is part of life. 
Our roles naturally change, and interests do as well. 
I was reading through an e-book on marketing your products and the gal had a 
great quote that has stuck with me.
"Believe in yourself, believe in your work, and keep going."
It's so simple yet so true. 
And I think if you believe in what you're doing and more importantly yourself,
 then by all means take the step to redefine your role.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Card Favorites
Since right now, Lindsay P Designs cards are consuming my thoughts {and my days!}
I thought I would share some of my favorite and buyers favorite cards!
Vintage Bicycle
By far the top seller and a favorite amongst others!
The Fly Fisherman
I am excited that this card has received such positive feedback! 
It was the first time I ever incorporated a scenery and a person.
Who is the model you ask? That would be my father! 
The Vintage Pink Cake
The perfect card for so many occasions...
The Vintage Pink Rose
A lot more bright and vibrant than a lot of the others...
A staple card to say "hello" "I love you" "Thinking of you"....
I am in the process of working on a few more
 designs for Spring and beyond!
But I  had to share one that I am absolutely loving
 and pretty excited about...
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Monday, February 24, 2014


From the time we are little we try to balance...
Learning to balance play time with school projects...
Hanging out with friends, sports activities, and more school work...
And of course the balance after getting a boyfriend.

After Brian and I met and started dating,
 I remember trying to figure out and devise the perfect plan 
to balance the time I spent with him verses the time I spent with my friends.
I realized it's hard to make both parties happy
and someone is bound to get less time.

Not wanting to jeopardize any relationships,
we try to do it all.
But sometimes we plain and simple can't.
I went into to this weekend with the mind set of 
"I have SO much to do. I can't waste anytime doing anything else."
 I was trying to balance working on orders, enjoying the weekend,
 and spending quality time with Brian.
But I realized the last thing I should be doing is trying to balance.
Time spent with my husband shouldn't come close to 
being equal to time spent on my business.
I realized it's not so much about balance these days but priorities
and getting them in the right order.
Sometimes things won't be equal or balanced and that is okay...
as long as the correct side is getting more of your time.

Friday, February 21, 2014

SF Market Recap
The San Francisco Gift Show is over!
For the last month and a half it's been consuming my mind...
to do lists a mile long...
and so many things to get ready, make and prepare for...
It has been nice to have a couple days to wind down a bit
and get organized before I begin sending out orders.
It was such a wonderful experience!
I am pleased with the success I had and am 
thrilled to have my products in more beautiful stores!
It took a lot of work to set up our booth and bring everything down to the city...
But it all came together seamlessly
 {thank goodness for Brian and my mom!}
It's always such a special time for my mom and I am so grateful for her 
optimism and complete belief in me and my business.
After the first day we were completely stuck in the Chinese New Year Parade...
 and wondered if we would ever make it back to our hotel
{luckily we did an hour later which normally would take 10 minutes}
A fun memory {after the fact} to have!
After four days of living in this booth, my mom and I were ready to go home...
What's funny is that now I actually am missing it...
missing sitting on our stools saying hello to people walking by...
getting ready to nonchalantly slide off my stool if someone stared at my products for more than a second.
Or awkwardly and quickly taking a bite of something after looking down the aisle to make sure no buyers were approaching...
I am on to thinking about the next gift show and which one I will do...
hopefully this Summer.
Here are some pictures of my booth...
pretty similar to my booth in Seattle with a few minor changes!
{ excuse the mediocre lighting!} 
My sweet nephew and neice sent me these beautiful tulips to the hotel to wish me good luck!
Hard to believe a 2 year old and 6 month old are that creative :) 
I LOVE  this crate table. 
3 crates drilled together with a wood top we painted cream.
We designed it so that we had the open crate in front to place items in.
On the back side {not pictured} I found a filing basket 
from world market and screwed that to the back. 
It's perfect to hold all order forms, new orders etc.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Early Valentine's Post
Tomorrow my wonderful mom is flying down and Friday we head down to San Francisco 
to set up for the gift show that begins Saturday.
Since Friday is Valentine's Day and I'll be on my way to set up 
{and probably doing the nervous stretch, the nervous yawn, 
and my stomach will be filled with butterflies}... 
I decided to do my Valentines post today!
I know a lot who think of Valentine's day as somewhat of a forced holiday 
and not always a pleasant one.
And I have felt that way at times.
But to me it's an excuse to buy pretty flowers, eat a chocolate covered strawberry here and there,
and reflect on all the love you have for others and all the love you receive...
even when it's hard to see.
Not just a significant other, but your family, friends, neighbors, 
children, your dog and most importantly God's love.
I hope each of you enjoys this day of love!

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Blog Revamp
Over the past few weeks I have struggled with,
'what to blog about.'
There are so many different styles and ways people blog 
that I found myself completely overwhelmed.
I strive to get a larger audience in all social media aspects and was
constantly thinking of how that can be achieved.
Do I need to be more catchy and cool?
Talk strictly about Lindsay P Designs or talk more about my personal life?
Keep it 'surfacey' or make it deep?
Post one single, ground breaking idea, color combination, new style or photo?
Give awesome advice or inspiration?
The more I thought about it though the more frustrating it became
 and I felt that if I tried to tackle just one of those themes it would become totally forced.
The other night while talking to my sister she asked why I hadn't blogged in a couple days.
I laughed and told her I actually had but didn't post the link on Facebook 
because I thought it was 'nerdy.'
I was able to check 'blog' off my list without getting 
too many readers reading the post I didn't think was worthy enough.
After thinking a lot about this, here is what I've come up with...
I am just going to be me and blog about what inspires me and what is most important to me.
{which is what I said in my very first post}
My faith, my family, my business, my struggles, my achievements.
And hopefully what inspires me to get through each day can inspire you as well.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday
It's a rainy, rainy day here and is supposed to keep raining for the next couple days.
People are thrilled since we have officially been in a drought,
and I am feeling right at home and loving it.
 There is a different kind of beauty on these dreary days...
There is something so peaceful and serene about the rain.
And of course, my ideal rainy day outfit...
I love these pieces if you are willing to tromp in the rain...

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

To-Do Lists!
I hope you all have been having a lovely week!
With the San Francisco gift show beginning a week from Thursday {eeeeek!!}
my to-do lists have become quite lengthy
I seem to start a new one every single day
and often times I find myself writing things down that I have already done, just so I can make {and see} the big check marks to show progress! 
{Am I the only one who does that?!}
I love the mornings because it's a chance to press the restart button
you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.
 I try my best to keep that positive attitude until the time I close my computer, put down my scissors, or turn the sewing machine off.
how do you stay organized and get things accomplished? 
I love these organization/desk ideas from Pinterest...
I love the natural wood frame around each of these
 that ties them all together! Cool organization tools.
I'll be first I thought this would be a tad too cluttered for me...
but I love the use of the twine and of course the flowers around
you would feel like you were playing outside while working at that desk.
I could sit at this desk planning out my day all. day. long.
That chair!!
Fun use of the clipboards! 
The white, wicker, basket of blankets, and flowers in a galvenized container
I love everything about this cozy space!
It's been a fun couple days for Seahawks fans all around 
and today it the big parade.
Apparently, there are suppose to be 500,000 people going to it!
I'll be in 49er territory eating this to celebrate one more time.
Have a wonderful week!