Monday, February 24, 2014


From the time we are little we try to balance...
Learning to balance play time with school projects...
Hanging out with friends, sports activities, and more school work...
And of course the balance after getting a boyfriend.

After Brian and I met and started dating,
 I remember trying to figure out and devise the perfect plan 
to balance the time I spent with him verses the time I spent with my friends.
I realized it's hard to make both parties happy
and someone is bound to get less time.

Not wanting to jeopardize any relationships,
we try to do it all.
But sometimes we plain and simple can't.
I went into to this weekend with the mind set of 
"I have SO much to do. I can't waste anytime doing anything else."
 I was trying to balance working on orders, enjoying the weekend,
 and spending quality time with Brian.
But I realized the last thing I should be doing is trying to balance.
Time spent with my husband shouldn't come close to 
being equal to time spent on my business.
I realized it's not so much about balance these days but priorities
and getting them in the right order.
Sometimes things won't be equal or balanced and that is okay...
as long as the correct side is getting more of your time.

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