Monday, February 10, 2014

My Blog Revamp
Over the past few weeks I have struggled with,
'what to blog about.'
There are so many different styles and ways people blog 
that I found myself completely overwhelmed.
I strive to get a larger audience in all social media aspects and was
constantly thinking of how that can be achieved.
Do I need to be more catchy and cool?
Talk strictly about Lindsay P Designs or talk more about my personal life?
Keep it 'surfacey' or make it deep?
Post one single, ground breaking idea, color combination, new style or photo?
Give awesome advice or inspiration?
The more I thought about it though the more frustrating it became
 and I felt that if I tried to tackle just one of those themes it would become totally forced.
The other night while talking to my sister she asked why I hadn't blogged in a couple days.
I laughed and told her I actually had but didn't post the link on Facebook 
because I thought it was 'nerdy.'
I was able to check 'blog' off my list without getting 
too many readers reading the post I didn't think was worthy enough.
After thinking a lot about this, here is what I've come up with...
I am just going to be me and blog about what inspires me and what is most important to me.
{which is what I said in my very first post}
My faith, my family, my business, my struggles, my achievements.
And hopefully what inspires me to get through each day can inspire you as well.

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