Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Early Valentine's Post
Tomorrow my wonderful mom is flying down and Friday we head down to San Francisco 
to set up for the gift show that begins Saturday.
Since Friday is Valentine's Day and I'll be on my way to set up 
{and probably doing the nervous stretch, the nervous yawn, 
and my stomach will be filled with butterflies}... 
I decided to do my Valentines post today!
I know a lot who think of Valentine's day as somewhat of a forced holiday 
and not always a pleasant one.
And I have felt that way at times.
But to me it's an excuse to buy pretty flowers, eat a chocolate covered strawberry here and there,
and reflect on all the love you have for others and all the love you receive...
even when it's hard to see.
Not just a significant other, but your family, friends, neighbors, 
children, your dog and most importantly God's love.
I hope each of you enjoys this day of love!

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