Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cherry and Apricot season!
Oddly enough, I get very excited when I start to see the cherry stands out and about.
Lucky for us, when the time comes, there is a stand that gets set up about 1/2 mile from us!
So over the weekend I picked up our first two bags... 
one of cherries and one of apricots.
 The cherries were gone before I could make a cherry pie, cobbler, muffins or anything!
I wanted to make something with the apricots last night but decided on 
simple grilled apricots with vanilla ice cream.
Doesn't require many ingredients and less labor intensive.
I have to admit...they were still a little tart but it was a refreshing dessert nonetheless.
I drizzled a little bit of Hey Boo Carmel Syrup on top which made it even better...and sweeter!
If you can get your hands on this it!
It is sooo delicious
With a hint of toasted coconut it tastes just like a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie
I've dipped pretzels in it, put it over ice-cream, and I know you could do a lot more with it.
Don't forget about your mom this week! 
Offer ends Friday!
Have a great week!

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