Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Berry Treats!
The weather has been HOT this week for here anyway.
I can't complain too much... though it's too hot to run 
and I am a lot more cautious about rattle snakes {eeek!!}
I've had a big bag of frozen mixed berries that Ive been using for smoothies almost everyday.
I decided to branch out a bit a make other fun berry treats.
Last night I made Quick Berry Frozen Yogurt from the Cooking Light magazine. 
All you will need is...
-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
-Frozen berries
- splash of milk 
-mint {optional for garnish}
Blend in a food processor
scoop and enjoy right away!
Berry Pancakes
I wish I had a fancy pancake recipe to share today.
But for this one I went for simplicity and convenience....I used Bisquick Mix
Threw in some frozen berries.
topped it with fresh berries
and called it a day!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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