Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My parents took a road trip down to see us last weekend!
{And to pick up all of my booth display for the Seattle Gift Show this August!}
It's always a treat to have them here and spend quality time together.
My mom took me to the nursery and we stocked up on some beautiful flowers.
I think I have written this before...
{and I am not proud of it!}
but I seem to be notorious for letting my flower pots die...
typically because we will be gone for a weekend or I'll forget how hot it is until half way through the day when the damage is already done. 
But these flowers will be different because my mom helped me plant them.
She knows so much about flowers and gardening...
the do's the don'ts and everything in between.
It's funny how even something as simple as new flowers, actually makes it a little more exciting to wake up in the morning.  
To see all the beautiful flowers and to drink coffee or tea outside instead of in. 
And actually enjoy your setting.
 Have a great week!


  1. Lovely flowers, Lindsay! Glad to hear you are coming to the Seattle Gift Show...I will look for you there. Gracia @ Gracious Offering

    1. Thank you, Gracia! I will be at booth #1432. I look forward to meeting you!