Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Now?
I have always dreamt of running the Boston Marathon.
I tried to qualify for it in my last marathon but didn't quite make the cut.
Running (as I have mentioned in previous posts) has been something special to my whole family and my extended family.

I remember a few years ago at Christmas we all started talking about running a marathon together. We had the crazy idea of getting into the Guinness Book of World Record for the number of family members to run together.
{this was us pretending to cross the finish line}

This horrible event hit a little closer to home.
You think...a marathon!? Runners?! Spectators?! That has been me at one point. 
So what now?
For some reason I can't seem to think about anything's like everything else seems minuscule compared to this tragedy

My first thoughts were, "I am definitely never running a marathon again."

But of course you can't think like that and we all can't just stay in a little bubble and never leave the house.

I suppose all you can do is really learn to enjoy each day and just pray. Pray, pray, pray that things like this stop happening.
My cousin posted this on Facebook yesterday and I thought I would share it also...
It is true...if there is one thing disasters bring is compassion  and people coming together to help others.
I pray for every person and family affected by this on Monday!

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