Friday, May 17, 2013

Planners and Recipes

Is it just me or did this week seem to fly by?
Every year it seems that once May comes around, every weekend fills up and the next free weekend of doing absolutely nothing, isn't until September.
The good news is that the majority of things going on are celebrations of some sort...birthdays, family trips, babies being born. 
This is the time of year I find that to-do lists are a must and setting goals and deadlines for myself are essential. 
I used to always write my lists on scrap paper...I would end up losing that piece of paper or in one of my quick "whip around the house cleaning because someone is coming over," I would most likely toss it...not taking the time to see it was THE list.
So this is my new gem....
What I love about this little planner is that it doesn't have dates. Is anyone else "gung ho" about writing in your planner one week and making lists, but then other weeks not so much? That is definitely how I am and I usually look at my planner after a couple weeks have gone by thinking, "shoot, I've waisted so much of this planner!" Well with this, you write it your own dates! 
And what I love even MORE is the quote on the's a good one to remember.
I also wanted to share a light and refreshing recipe that I made the other night.

Quinoa-Mango Wraps
Flour Tortillas (or any type of wrap)
1 Tbl Cream Cheese
1 cup cooked Quinoa
1 cup Mango- peeled and cubed
1 cup Arugula
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Dash of salt and pepper

Cook quinoa. Place in refrigerator until cold. Mix quinoa, mango, lemon juice and dash of salt and pepper.  Spread cream cheese on tortilla. Place quinoa mixture in tortilla and top with arugula. Roll up and enjoy!
I am now on the search for a good dessert to make with cherries. There is a cherry stand near our house and I had been wanting to stop buy some. There is something cool to me about getting fruit from those little hole in the wall stands. Is that weird? I like to think it's better than store bought. Anyways, the other day Brian came home with two bags of cherries! I'm debating between muffins, cupcakes or maybe even a classic cherry pie. Any suggestions?
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and you are able to enjoy the sunshine, snow, or rain depending on where you live :)

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