Friday, June 13, 2014

New card and Fun News
I wanted to share a new sweet baby card with you all!
The perfect card for all of those Spring/Summer babies or new moms to be.
Speaking of moms to be...
I thought it would be the perfect time to also announce...
 that we are having a baby!
{I think Brandi is excited...but also in for a rude awakening!} 
We have so many emotions right now...excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, but mostly, we are beyond thrilled.
The sweet little baby is due in December and I am just beginning my 2nd trimester.
I was blessed to have only a week or so of queasiness and have been feeling rather "normal" otherwise.
I'm sure these next months are going to fly by...
I really want to enjoy each and every moment.
Working on not getting stressed as easily has (and continues to be!) a goal of mine
and something I am constantly reminding myself of.
It is a new stage in life and we are excited to embark on it.
God is entrusting us with this sweet little life.
  What an amazing journey this will be!

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