Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prep Work!
Summer is officially of last weekend!
The sun is out...and my flowers are still thriving and alive..woo hoo!
Like most summers, the next couple months are going to fly by!
It seems like every weekend is filled now through September...
all with fun trips and activities planned!
{I am definitely not complaining!}
This means my week days need to be meticulously planned out.
Maybe it's just me but I always tend to fall back on...
"well if I don't get it done during the week, there is always the weekend"
I'm tossing that motto in the trash...for now anyway!
Thankfully, for the past few months I have had constant orders going out every week.
This week I am focusing on getting prep work done which I often overlook.
Typically when I have a moment to spare, I jump right into trying to get new clients and more business.
But I am ever so thankful when orders come in and the prep work has already been completed...
Cards are ready to be printed and fabric is all cut and ready to be sewn.
What are some tasks that you tend to overlook but could make life so much easier for you?
Have a wonderful week!

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