Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello November!
Where has the time gone!?
I actually have found myself forgetting that we have already gone through 
all of Summer and most of Fall and that it still isn't May. 
But I am not complaining...
It is the best time of the year!
Family, coziness, boots and sweaters, delicious food...doesn't get much better!
I'm jumping right back in to blogging with my ultimate "fall meal"'s my favorite!
It's the perfect ratio of pie crust to creaminess and will not 
disappoint the urge for a comfort meal!
You can of course put in any veggies you want and cater it to what you like.
(I suggest making the dough ahead of time, cutting up the veggies and maybe even cooking/dicing the chicken up. I did this a day or two before and it was great!)
The particular pie crust in the recipe makes a top and bottom so every time I have made the pie, I also make this delicious apple pie crisp. 
Man oh man it's so good and super easy. 
I didn't get an "after" photo because it was gobbled up too quick!
Pie overload.
I hope everyone had a wonderful end to October and a fun Halloween with lots of candy!

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