Thursday, December 17, 2015

1st Birthday Celebration!
It's hard to believe today is Sam's first birthday!
The year has gone by quick as I knew it would.
Of course I keep replaying through my head what I was doing exactly a year ago today as I waited and waited for his arrival. 
I was truly convinced he was never going to come!
And now here we are...celebrating this kids first birthday. 
We celebrated with family and friends last weekend and I thought I would share some photos.
The rough theme I went for was deer and buffalo plaid red. 
I wanted to do a "52 weeks of Sam" wall and was so pleased with these little polaroid pictures I ordered from Square Snaps
They ship from London! 
But I was able to order them and receive them in 3 days for a really good price. 
Being that it is December which means most likely rain, we decided on a cozy menu of soups, mini grilled cheese and a coco bar. 
I also wanted to keep it simple and not spend hours cooking extravagant food. 
Not to mention Sam is a huge fan of soups!
We had Carrot & Fennel, Broccoli & Cheese, and Tomato Basil.
For sandwiches...grilled cheddar cheese and Apple, Fig and Beechers Cheese
For dessert I made a healthy-ish cake for Sam to dive into that I found on this website
I frosted it with cool whip which was his favorite part!
For the rest of us...Applesauce Cake cupcakes with frosting.
I found the cute buffalo plaid cupcake holders on etsy!
For favors, deer shaped sugar cookies!
I found the deer head cookie cutter from etsy as well.
I think he had a pretty fun time!
Happy Birthday my sweet, happy boy!

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