Monday, March 4, 2013


Running has been a part of my life and a part of my family’s life since…well…I was probably in 3rd grade. My dad ran a lot when he was younger then took, what he says, was his 15 year hiatus. My dad started running with my oldest sister when she was in 6th grade and it became the “father-daughter” tradition. It was our time to tell him about our school day, what was going on with friends, classes, and all of our different activities.
I never did cross country or track because I didn’t want running to turn into a chore. Running has become my source to getting inspired about things, being creative, having clearer thoughts, and even just getting in a better mood. There are times when Brian will say, “I think you need to go on a quick run.” I come back feeling like a different person.
Yesterday I ran the Napa Valley Marathon. 

The first 16 miles weren’t bad and I felt pretty strong. My mom, dad and Brian were there to cheer me on and every time I saw them it gave me a complete boost to keep on going. 

At mile 18 my dad hopped in to run the last 7 miles (and then jump out at mile 25) with me. By mile 21 with only 5.2 miles to go I was thinking to myself, “why do I do this?” “I am never doing this again” “I don’t even care-I just want to stop.” Luckily my dad was there to tell me to keep going and we are almost there. 

The last 3 miles felt like eternity.  Finally I was through the finish line and DONE! I know in a couple days I will have forgotten how I felt for those last couple miles and will probably want to sign up for another.
Have a wonderful week!

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