Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting Organized

For a while I had piles…piling high in every corner of our main room. Lindsay P Designs seemed to be taking over our whole house. Now we have just one main room besides our bedroom so as you can imagine…quarters started to feel pretty tight. I had fabric in one corner, important papers and receipts in another corner and cards envelopes and everything else on top of that.
{I can’t believe I am showing this but this was on a day where things got a little out of hand…pre-desk days}

For Christmas Brian said he would buy me a desk (great idea on his part! I hadn’t even thought of that!) We searched and searched for the perfect desk and I finally found one at the cutest store in San Jose called Magpie.
{I love the details on the top and sides} 
For my cards I wanted to get an old toolbox. I found this one at Carolina & Co. in Santa Rosa…another fun shop! I didn’t know how I felt about the barn house red at first but I actually really like it now! 
2 months later I am realizing how helpful it has been to have one place to store everything…well almost everything (I still have a few piles). I start to go crazy when I am not somewhat organized.

Have a lovely and organized weekend!

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