Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finding new spots!
I hope everyone has been having a great week so far.
I was so excited to have found a new coffee shop in Santa Rosa.
Over the weekend we went to this restaurant called Sweet T's (which was phenomenal by the way) and I had no idea that it or this whole little area even existed
 How did I miss out on going to this coffee shop and restaurant for the past almost 3 years
It is called Coffee is Hawaiian coffee and it has the most tranquil setting... 
Comfy lounge chairs, a trickling water fountain, coffee and frozen yogurt...
I actually felt like I was in Hawaii (except I wasn't drinking a Lava Flow)
I spent most of the afternoon there yesterday as I did some computer work.
Isn't it great when you find new spots after thinking you have seen and found everything already!?
Speaking of seeing and finding....
If you haven't seen already, I have added two new aprons to the website!
Both incorporate white linen instead of the neutral flax linen. 
Mothers Day is May 12th and will be here before we know it...
So be sure to check out the website for a sweet gift idea :) 
I hope everyone continues to have a great week and takes some time for themselves. 

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