Monday, April 8, 2013

Giving Back
I love to support companies that give back. 
That's why I am obsessed  with Glassybaby (my friends can attest to this because I tend to give them as gifts a lot)
If you have never heard of them...I suggest you quickly visit there website and fall in love.
Each glass votive is  handblown and no two are identical. They vary in height and thickness and have every color you can imagine.
What I love most about them is that 10% of particular glassybabys go toward various organizations. 
I love that concept of creating beautiful items and being able to give back at the same time.
This company helped influence my idea to give 10% of my sales at Lindsay P Designs to  non-profit organizations
So with that said I have decided to extend 10% of all sales going to Camp Korey through June instead of March!
Camp Korey summer sessions begin in June so I figured why not try to give a little more!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

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