Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Becoming a Professional Cheerleader

No...not the kind of cheerleader who dances..
{though I did enjoy finding this gem of me in 8th grade from our dance team}
But rather a cheerleader of life..
One who cheers, encourages, and attempts to have the right words when they are needed
A cheerleader lifts people up
Looks on the bright side
And is positive
Sometimes I feel like I am a decent cheerleader
Other times I think I am the one who needs to be "cheered" to
But my goal is to be the best cheerleader for Brian, for my family, and my friends because I think positivity goes a long way
So here is to cheering others on through life!
And on a completely, random side note...this is the latest treat I have been indulging in...
Homemade strawberry sorbet in....a waffle cone! And you can always drizzle chocolate sauce on top which gives it a nice taste :)
My rough recipe
-I made a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water), added lime juice...chilled in refrigerator for an hour.
-Puréed strawberries, a mandarin orange (cutie), and a drop of almond extract (probably wouldn't add the almond again but since I love almond I had to at least try it)...also chill for an hour
-combine everything! And throw in the freezer for 3-4 hours
-re-blend it all so it's not super icy (if you are like me and didn't manage the time correctly the re-blending will take place around 11:00pm when people are trying to sleep)
-put back in freezer and enjoy at your convenience!
Buy a ice cream maker and I'm sure that would be much quicker.

Have a wonderful day!