Friday, April 12, 2013

The Story of Brandi

Tomorrow is Brandi's 2nd Birthday!
I thought I would share the story of how she came into our family.
It all started with Buddy...
This was a dog we found one weekend while on a run in a nearby neighborhood.
He was running all over the place so we picked him up, took him home, and started making "Found" flyers to post around.
I will admit, selfishly we were hoping just maybe there would be a chance we could just keep him because he was such a great dog! About 5 hours went by after we posted flyers and eventually the owner called...we made the switch and once again we were "dogless".

And that is when we decided we had to get a the search began.
I finally found a breeder for golden retrievers who lived about 7 hours away.
Long story short, the price was right (though now we would have paid millions for Brandi....well maybe not millions) and we decided to just go for it.
The only thing was that since they were so far away we picked our puppy out through videos and the breeder describing each personality. They had named one puppy Clarice (Brian always says the name in a scary voice from Silence of the Lambs) and mentioned that she was very cuddly and was cream colored. 
We made the trek down south to meet/pick up our new addition. 
When we got to the house....well it wasn't the BEST experience to say the least.
"Clarice" was as cute as ever and we were sitting on the ground playing with her...only to stand up and have realized the carpet was soaked with pee and we were just sitting in it. 
Not to mention the "#2's" that were just sitting in the house like that was normal. 
We felt like it was almost our duty to get little "Clarice" out of there as quick as possible.
At last she was ours and we named her Brandi.
Within the first couple weeks she had Giardia and a urinary tract infection. I have to think it had something to do with where she lived before we picked her up.  
But since then...(and despite her sudden bolts in the opposite direction when she is off a leash) she has been the best dog in the world. She is so cuddly and I really think she believes she is a human.

Happy 2nd Birthday Brandi!!

Hope everyone was a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Beautiful dog story! Enjoy her.