Monday, April 29, 2013

Vegetable Garden
We planted our vegetable garden yesterday!
I am so excited to watch the progress and I am vowing to water it everyday!
Two years ago we planted tomatoes, corn, peppers and a few other veggies and were relatively successful.
Last year we bought all of our plants but never got around to actually planting them. (poor plants just died in our driveway...terrible, I know)
So this year we decided to choose one day...go to the nursery, plant, and get it all done!
{the before and after picture}
No, we are not professional veggie and plant growers. 
I am sure things aren't spaced out as precisely as they are supposed to be...but we are willing to take that risk and see what happens.
Hopefully in a few short months I will be sharing pictures of a flourishing garden.
After a day in our 10'x10' farm we were pretty tired and I can't imagine what it would be like to actually work all day on a farm.
Which brings me to this totally awesome blog... Dishing Up the Dirt....formally known as A Farmer in the Dell. 
If this blog doesn't make you want to become a farmer...well then I don't know what would.
After reading her blog and trying many of her recipes...I actually for a brief moment thought, "hmmm maybe Brian and I should just buy some land and start a farm."
Though, after a day spent in our 10'x10' "farm"...I think I will stick to sewing aprons for now.
I hope you all had a restful weekend and have a great week!

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