Friday, May 24, 2013

Growing up, we are always trying to make friends. 
From kindergarten on...
Then you hit college. Everyone is in the same boat. People have come from all over the state or country with two common goals... To get an education and to make friends to create a positive college experience.
But what about after college?!
When you move to a new city, like we did,  I have found it can be so
 challenging to meet people.
Everyone is at different stages in life and you are searching for
 people who have similarities to you.
Right now, life seems like it would be so much easier if we had more 
family and friends near us.
It's hard to step out of  our comfort zone but I know it's something we need to do.
I always talk about having an enriched life, not taking a day for granted, and living everyday to the fullest... I suppose it's time I actually start acting on that. 
So my personal goal {which I am now sharing with the world} is to channel my inner "kindergartener" in me and not be afraid to get out of my comfort zone to make friends.
Cheers to a three day weekend!! Hopefully you all have something fun going on! I am scrambling to find a campground site still available. Why did I think camping was just a first come first serve ordeal? It's become so fancy with reservations and check-in times and 3-night minimums. 
Now this is my type of "glamping"....

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