Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Packaging Products

How do you like your packaging? 
Are you drawn to smoothness, bright colors, and geometric shapes? Or maybe you're a lavender and twine girl like me.
I think the way something is packaged is extremely important.

The quality of the product shows through the packaging before it is even opened and
the whole brand is represented by the packaging.
I took this awesome e-course and she talked about the importance of packaging. She gave an example of how she ordered a beautiful purse from Etsy and it showed up on her doorstep, stuffed in a.........Cheez-it Box! A Cheez-it Box! Since then, every time I drive to the post office to mail my products, I always think about that story.
When it comes to packaging....I guess you could say I may "judge a book by its cover."
I haven't had to play around with too many packaging ideas for my aprons and cards.
I had the vision of how I wanted the whole package to look and luckily it turned out as I had hoped...which is pretty rare for me!
(I usually have to tweak things 20 times to get it just the way I like it.)
I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

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