Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Garden Progress!

After being gone for a whole week it was fun to come 
back and see how much the garden had taken off!
Luckily we had a timed sprinkler in there or else 
everything probably would have died.
A little over a week ago I almost harvested one of our squash was probably about 7 inches long and I thought it looked ripe. I ended up leaving it and when we came back on Saturday this is what it looked like.
It was huge!! Maybe a little too big? I don't know. We ate it anyways and it was great. 
I would love to try one of the recipes using squash blossoms but am a little intimidated. Someday. 
Our corn I think is almost ready to be picked. Apparently we bought the miniature variety (if there is such a thing) because the entire corn stalk only comes up to my waste. Which doesn't say much since I lack in height.
Remember "Brian's Spicy Spaghetti" ??? Well these peppers were the culprit. Of course they haven't turned orange yet but I am sure our mouths will be on fire soon enough.
We randomly decided to plant a watermelon. People always said it would take over the garden. Well I finally believe them. It branches? vines? currently spans at least 8ft across the garden. I'm sure it'll just keep getting bigger.  (excuse the hose going through this picture)
 We're not sure what kind of onions we bought. They look like red onions meet green onions. But I thought we bought white onions. We've used a couple in meals and they are really strong but tasty...and probably under-ripe still.
 I went a little camera crazy with the red kale because it's so pretty! It definitely needs to be harvested and cleared a bit.
And lastly our tomatoes. They're slowly coming along. I am used to the cherry tomatoes that seem to grow so quickly you can't even get them all. I just keep on waiting and waiting to be able to pick one of these babies.
Happy gardening!

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