Monday, August 5, 2013

Book Review
If you want a book that is laugh-out-loud funny and is also a quick read
I strongly suggest Mindy Kaling's, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
I thought it was hilarious
I kept saying to Brian, "Oh Brian listen to this!"
Of course I was never fully able to convey how funny the book was without making him sit down and read the whole book...
which I obviously did not do (though I wanted to).
I love her new show, The Mindy Project, and am always cracking up when I watch it..
 so it wasn't any surprise to me that the book was funny.
Some people just aren't fans of her I suppose....maybe from her Kelly Kapoor, Office Days? 
In her book she seems like a normal, non-celebrity type of person which I appreciate.
{My 1 Disclaimer: There is some swearing but nothing outrageous}
None the less, it was nice reading more this weekend than I watched tv...
Peaceful and relaxing in a busy time..
just how I like it!
Happy Monday!

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