Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Garden
I love fresh flowers.
In the house, on the porch.. Wherever I can fit them.
But the ones on the porch always seem to die so quickly..
(I'm still working on my green thumb)
We get so much heat since its on the second level...
( I think that's why... maybe the fact that our porch is upstairs has nothing to do with it!)
Anyways... I either forget to water, or worse,
 we leave for a weekend and come back to dead flowers
Everytime I replant them Brian gives me that look of really?? Knowing that it'll probably be a couple weeks (if i'm lucky) before I am wanting to replant them
SO, as I go get new flowers to plant before some of my friends come up for the weekend, I'm hoping to find some flowers that can stand the heat!! 
and not be so darn needy!
I'm looking for fall-ish flowers that still have some color.
Ones that don't scream, "I am for fall only."
Something that'll match pumpkins but aren't too bright.
These are some that I love!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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