Monday, October 7, 2013

Back from our Trip!
We got back last night from our vacation to Wyoming and Montana.

What a refreshing trip it was!
It was the first vacation in long time that didn't go by in a blink of the eye...
But not in the sense that it was dragging
We flew into Idaho falls and drove from there to Jackson hole
It was such a beautiful drive.
I was a total tourist the entire trip...
Snapping pictures left and right and being a nerd with my tripod..
Jackson hole was so beautiful and we loved it!
Our friends met us Saturday where we went to Jenny Lake (a must see!) 
We went to this totally fun chuck wagon dinner at the Bar J Ranch where the Bar J Wranglers sing....they were amazing! Another must see if you visit between memorial day and the last weekend in September
Our next stop after Jackson Hole was Yellowstone.
We made it into Yellowstone just in the knick of time ...before the darn government shut down.
Old Faithful was beautiful...a great experience and incredible to see.
 We were really looking forward to seeing buffalo, bears, wolves, elk, moose etc.
We drove and drove looking for animals...I almost got dizzy from my eyes trying to scan the woods and hills for any sign of movement.
We were thrilled to see this big guy...
But the excitement dwindled a bit after the 5th or 6th time seeing them..
Then the government shut down so our trip in Yellowstone would be cut...
We decided to make one more loop hopeful to see something..
We saw a wolf from a ways a way which, of course, was exciting.
As we headed back to the hotel something caught my eye
It was bigger than a deer so I told Brian to turn around!
All I saw was this animals rear end...
It was a female elk...
It was cool and I snapped some pictures then we carried on...
Then out of no where..
We see the biggest bull elk ( I believe that's the term) just sauntering down the middle of the road..
We were in shock!
Of course my camera read "card full" so I frantically deleted old pics
It was amazing!
Since our Yellowstone plans got squandered, we headed to Big Sky, Montana.
Another beautiful spot!
We explored, went on a hike (until I started getting too nervous about bears) and went horseback riding..
Onto Bozeman, Montana...
My parents flew in and met up with us for the last couple days and we stayed at the
 Gallatin River Lodge which was so beautiful...even in the snow!
Such a cool town....flat valley with snow capped mountains surrounding the entire valley
I loved this trip because it was different..
And special that neither Brian or I had ever been to any of these places.
As much as we didn't want to leave...especially Brian....he was convinced he was meant to live in Wyoming or Montana...
it is nice to be home and get back in the swing of things..
To feel rejuvenated and refreshed after seeing more of God's beautiful creation.

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