Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Making Cinnamon Rolls
The other night I was looking at Instagram 
and Pioneer Woman had posted a picture of ooey gooey cinnamon rolls
Mouth watering of course.
So I decided I needed to make cinnamon rolls...and soon!
Cinnamon rolls bring back memories
I remember on special days before school, my mom would pop the 
Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls in the oven.
I could eat that whole little container of orange frosting if I was allowed to.
In college-freshman year, my roommate, and still one of my best friends, and I would go into the tiny tiny- I'm talking really tiny kitchen in the dorm and make Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and just sit there waiting to devour them.
I've made homemade cinnamon rolls one other time and it was for the day after Thanksgiving a few years ago.
They didn't turn out great.
I'm convinced I can't cook with yeast.
I don't know exactly what they mean by "until it's dissolved after one minute" or "when it starts to foam"
 I re-read the directions probably 25 times before I make any attempt.
I decided to make homemade Sweet Orange Rolls and used this recipe...
Last night I made the dough and ended up using all 3 yeast packets.
The first I thought I stirred too much and was too lumpy.. 
Probably didn't give it enough time to dissolve on its own.
The second I ripped it open too fast (frustrated that I didn't get it right the first time)
 and it burst all over the counter.
 The 3rd I knew I needed to make work or we wouldn't be having cinnamon rolls this morning. 
I'm still not convinced that it worked. ( when I woke up this morning to look at the rolls which I let rise for the second time in the refrigerator- they didn't look super risen...) they're still in the oven
Now they're out and they turned out pretty good! 
I think they could have still risen a little more but still tasty and edible!
There wasn't any special occasion today... I just thought it would be fun to so something different and have a cinnamon roll for breakfast. Don't wait for special occasions or for a "reason" to do something different... 
Whether it's starting a new project.. 
Or making cinnamon rolls!
 There's never as good of time as now!
Have a great week!

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