Monday, October 21, 2013

Small Spaces
I think it is important to make the best of where you are at TODAY.
Easier said than done--I know! 
Trust me, I am completely guilty of doing the complete opposite of this.
Nonetheless, I do believe (and try to live out) that what you are doing...or where you are at in life... shouldn't be taken for granted and should be enjoyed each and every day.
There are times when it seems like my projects and work are exploding over our whole living space..
That nothing matches and our "stuff" looks cluttered.
I look at magazines or other peoples homes on blogs and dream of the day when I can decorate multiple rooms and little nooks.
That everything will flow together cohesively... and will be warm and inviting
But then I look around....
and though our space is is home
home to me, home to Brian and home to Brandi
its cozy and simple.
I suppose you don't have to have a huge house for it to be beautiful
And I know that years from now I will miss these days of simplicity
I thought I would share some pictures of my work space :) I submitted a couple of these photos to Where Women Create {Inspiring Work Spaces} last Spring...
I hope you all enjoy where you are at today and make the most of it!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Hey Lindsay, I meant to comment when I first read this and then I forgot! I LOVE these pictures! Everything looks so tasteful and collected and like it all goes together but still has its own personality and is not too matchy matchy. I loved having a peek into your home and your taste. I really love all the things you've pulled together- the galvinized bin, the basket, the red storage box. So cool and lovely. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are well!