Friday, November 1, 2013

Blogs I Follow
I think blogs are the next best thing.
Or maybe they already are the next best thing..
for inspiration,
the list goes on!
Brian laughs when he hears me refer to someone as "a well known blogger." 
But I view them as seperate entities to the business the blogger may already have.
Of course I don't really include my small little blog in this group
but i do hope this blog is a way to see the person behind Lindsay P Designs
..even though most of you all already know me :) 
So today I figured I would share just a couple blogs I like to visit.
Some I look at for the photos..some for ideas.. some for recipes..
Lets begin! 
I figured I would start with the newest blog I found...

It's funny how I found this blog...
Believe it or not..I was googling
 "how to make homemade confetti frosting"
(I have a sweet tooth...I am also currently recovering from eating a WHOLE bag of candy last night...never again.) 
I found this blog and was instantly drawn to the layout and the beautiful food photos.
 She has a book coming out in February that I can't wait for!
I have been following this blog for a while and look at it for the 
beautiful and I mean beautiful photos Maria takes. 
She has transformed her farmhouse home into this whimsical, beautiful, 
mostly white, heavenly place. 
It's me anyway. 
I think my mom found this blog a while back and shared it with my sisters and I. 
When I went to the Chateau Sonoma Flea Market last June, 
I had the chance to meet Maria...
I was SO nervous and I am pretty sure I actually told her I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. (Probably a little nerdy...oh well)
I am always talking about the e-courses Jeanne Oliver puts on 
but her blog is wonderful as well!
Her words are very real..
which I think is always a challenge when writing a blog hundreds of people may read.
Very inspirational and encouraging!
My sister actually introduced me to this one. 
Filled with decorating tips along with many other tutorials
Lets just say you can spend a while browsing through her website!
Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY next week!
All details will be explained Monday along with what goodies 
will be included in the giveaway :)
Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween.
Happy Friday and happy November!

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