Monday, November 4, 2013

Homemade Donut Holes
Yep, that's right.
Yesterday we made donut holes.

Maybe it was the picture I posted the other day of the hot cocoa with the sweet dainty donut hole (is that an oxymoron??)
Or the fact that something sugary and warm sounded great on this fall day.
I decided, I've never made donuts or donut holes for that matter so why not try it
I used this recipe.
All we had on hand was almond milk which worked great.
I only made half the recipe so we wouldn't over eat on donuts the entire day.
And I don't own a fry thermometer so I eyeballed it and hovered my hand over the oil to see if I could tell the temperature...probably not the safest way...
I also dropped a dollop of dough in and after the 
3rd drop they were frying to perfection.
The one word...delightful.
A few coated in cinnamon and sugar and the others in powdered sugar.
Because they were dipped while they were still hot, the sugars made a nice little coating around them
SO good.
We made an executive decision to make this a Fall tradition...
(or birthday, Spring, Summer, Winter...)
I apologize....
Last week I mentioned a giveaway...
but apparently giveaways on Facebook are illegal?!? 
or there are quite a few rules and regulations about it...
I had no clue and am still researching it.
So stay tuned!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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