Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Friday before Christmas!
Christmas vacation is about to begin
with schools getting out
and excitement and anticipation is among everyone!
Especially the little ones.
I remember counting down the hours and days until Christmas.
Christmas cookies everywhere and a warm and cozy home
filled with family.
of course things have shifted now a little
Embracing the whole Christmas season...not just the couple days leading up to it
and being more excited for my friends and family to open up the gifts we give them.
The Christmas gifts are wrapped and ready to go!
and i decided to add a little greenery to spruce things up.
And I was happy to have sent off Lindsay P Designs Christmas cards to the beautiful stores carrying my products..
And I am hoping the mail man won't remove my twine...
I hope these next few days are not stressful but relaxing
and you are able to take time to enjoy the day and this wonderful season.

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