Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Traditions
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas
spent with family and loved ones.
I have realized more and more each year how every 
family has their set traditions for Christmas.
When I was young, I figured every family did the same thing we did...
Getting dressed up for Christmas eve and Christmas Day,
 going to midnight Mass, 
sleeping under the Christmas tree...
wasn't that normal?!
I actually was tearful the first year we did not all sleep in the living room...
and yes we were all over the age of 20.
Traditions often seem to be the root of Christmas
and it's easy to let that dictate everything from your mood 
and joyfulness if the "tradition" isn't met.
But once you realize that other people may be just as "passionate" 
about one of their traditions as you are about one of yours, 
it's easier to adjust and go with the flow.
This was the second year being with Brian's side of the family for Christmas
and though it's easy to be nostalgic for my family traditions, 
I realize that change and that the ability to adapt and go with the flow is okay.
I look forward to someday being able to make those
 fun and unique traditions with a family of my own.
With the first of the year RIGHT around the corner
I am gearing up for the
San Francisco International Gift Show
February 15th-18th!
 {As we headed down south to Brian's family's house 
we took a pit stop so I could take a few pictures and this was my favorite!}
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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