Monday, December 30, 2013

After Christmas
Well, it's the Monday after Christmas.
For some that means "after Christmas blues" 
because it is back to reality...
For others, maybe it's a relief...
that the "craziness" of the holiday season is slowly nearing it's end.
Maybe you already took your tree and decorations down 
or maybe you like to keep it up through Valentines Day..
drawing the season out as long as possible.
Regardless, I hope everyone had a lovely time with family and friends 
and I hope you'll be able to ease back into this week in good spirits... 
full of cookies and ready for the New Year.
As we drove back home this weekend, 
I reflected on the past week and the love we received from family near and far.
All too often I forget to ever tell anyone those things
and to say thank you in a meaningful way.
Not just through a quick text to check it off the list
which I do all too often.
 Which brings me too...
Thank you cards.
I have friends who are so on top of it.
Who, without fail, will always send a sweet note...
and whether long or short or scribbled on a piece of notebook paper, 
I love receiving those...
knowing that the person took the time to think about me.
So this year I am taking the time to write thank you cards
and if you would like to do the same and just don't know where to find cards...
feel free to check out these cards
and send a pretty tulip, hydrangea, or rose with your sweet words.
 Have a wonderful week!!

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