Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Smoothie Recipes
I love smoothies. In high school we would always go to 
Emerald City Smoothie sometimes before school, at lunch, or after school. 
They were simply the best!
{I now have a craving for one because it has been so long}
In college, it was all about Blenders in the Grass
There was one exactly 2 miles from school.
My friends and I would run there, get a smoothie and take a shuttle back. 
It was delightful. And every time I go back to Santa Barbara it is on my list of places to go.
Now days I make them myself.
And they're just as tasty....
{okay maybe not JUST as tasty but still pretty darn good
without adding ice-cream or sherbet.}
Here are 3 yummy smoothie recipes...
{without measurements because it depends on how many people you are making it for...and I am always having to add more liquid because my blender isn't the best}
-Frozen berries
-Frozen mangos
-Handful of spinach
-coconut water
 {adapted from Yummy Mummy Cookbook}
-unsalted creamy peanut-butter
-almond milk
-1 or 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
-frozen banana
-handful of spinach
-frozen peaches
-frozen pineapples
-coconut water and/or almond milk


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