Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's October which means it is that time of year to choose another non-profit organization!
It's been great looking back over the list of non-profits we have been able to donate to through Lindsay P Designs.
Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, I think any amount of giving can make a difference.
With the support of you wonderful customers, we have been able to donate to the following organizations so far...
and now through the end of December...
I am sure many of us have seen these collection boxes in local businesses 
throughout your town. 
Through this non-profit organization, toys are collected at various locations from 
October through December. 
The toys are then sorted by age and gender and on Christmas (or around that time), these toys are given to needy children throughout the community. 
10% of the profit from every sale will be donated to this organization.
The monetary donation will go towards their mission of providing toys to the less fortunate. 
Amongst the chaos of this time of year, take the time to give!
Have a wonderful week!!

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