Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a good weekend and Valentine's Day!
I gained one of the greatest gifts the day Sam was born. 
Having waited an extra four days past my due date, (which seemed like eternity!)
 I was so ready to meet him. 
Those first days after were a bit of a blur. 
Between feeding and changing diapers and getting to know this new little being...
it was pretty indescribable.

I found out two days later that my grandpa unexpectedly passed away just hours before sweet Sam was born. 
To process it all was hard.
 I was torn between two extreme emotions. 
The joy and amazement of having just given birth to Sam, 
and a deep sadness and confusion as to why my grandpa had passed...
But through it all there is a sense of beauty. 
knowing that that day won't be filled with just sadness but celebration as well 
and I believe God intended it to be that way. 
I know there is a greater purpose and God works in wonderful and mysterious ways.


This weekend we celebrated my grandpa and all that he is to us...
the baseball loving, card game teaching, pancake making, cookie dough sneaking, always smiling, most loving grandpa us grandkids could've had. 
And now our sweet guardian angel!

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