Friday, August 8, 2014

Good morning!
I  hope you all have been enjoying your week.
It's been a crazy few weeks since I have last blogged:)
We spent a wonderful week with Brian's family at the lake... 
Boating, eating delicious food, golfing, and spending quality time together.
Straight from there it was off to Washington for my sweet nieces one year birthday party. And my cousins beautiful wedding the following weekend. The last few weeks were jammed pack but oh so special.

Now on to some exciting updates...
We are taking a plunge a moving to Washington! 
After a couple years of pursuing this goal of ours and praying so hard and continuously about it for what seems like ages, the time has come. We feel so blessed that this is all happening but of course are nervous for the change. Because as we all know... Change can be nerve racking and scary to say the least. 
We are jumping into a new unknown as a couple. 
But what is comforting to know, is that god has a plan. 
And his plan is so much greater than our own.
Lindsay P Designs will of course continue, just from a different location.
No major changes will be taking place in regards to that. 
Did I mention we are moving at the end of the month?! 
I am very saddened to say that I will not be attending the Seattle Gift Show this month. 
After looking at my options and how to squeeze a week at the show and packing into just 3 weeks (not to mention being pregnant!) I decided I can't do it all. 
It was a very tough decision for me but because everything has happened so quickly, I think this is the best option.
I hope you all have a wonderful summer weekend!!!

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